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[Raid] Crucia killed !

Posted in Progress, Raid, and Videos

I have only one word to say, finally !
The down Crucia took a little over 2 weeks, hundreds of wipes and a couple of bugs to avoid each try.

There were 15 different bugs on the boss that prevent us progress as desired (she breathed the raid in the last phase instead of doing it on the tank). 2 days ago (3 in U.S.), an hotfix supposed to correct most of the bugs was released.

Unfortunately, there are still 10 different bugs that totally spoils the pleasure of this fight.
In addition, after 6 hours of try (including 4 bugs), we were able to put an end to the reign of Crucia!

I was indeed present (I’m also in the robot) unfortunately I did not record the fight.
I therefore propose the video Oriya, our Cleric Main Tank.

Here’s the videos (TS or Music) :

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